A. Fill in the
blanks with the proper form of words given.
One of the worst evils that
____________(eat) into the vitals of our society is the dowry system. Though
the system is strongly _______________(criticise), it is widely
______________(prevail) throughout India with the _______________(except) of
some tribal people and a few North-Eastern states. It ________________(be) a
scare on our social life and _______________(degrade) the womanhood. Human
greed _______________ (Know) no bounds and dowry system has now
________________(become) a naked commercial transaction.
B. Fill in the
blanks with appropriate words.
a) He is very weak _________________mind.
b) I do not wish __________________riches.
c) I warned him _______________________his neighbour.
d) He tyrannised _____________________the people.
e) Think carefully _______________________his advice
f) He supplied us _______________________food.
g) He has no taste _______________________music.
C. Give the
differences in the meaning of the following.
a) He is a little boy. He is little liked
by the people.
b) You have no right to do it. Show me your right
c) The night is still. He was weak, still
he went.
d) Who is that boy? The books that I
bought have been stolen.
D. Transform the
sentences as directed.
a) Only a rogue can act thus (Begin – None but)
b) He acted prudently (use – prudence)
c) Though he is poor, he is happy (turn into simple
d) His honesty is known to all. (Begin – ‘That ….)
e) He left after I had come. (end with – ‘Arrival’)
f) He kept the promise. (change into – complex
g) He won’t show me his papers; he won’t tell me who he
is. (use – neither ….nor)
h) He could not but do so (use – help)

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