A. Fill in the
blanks with appropriate words given in brackets.
It _______________(be) very
hot in the courtroom. Everybody ___________________(feel) sleep. After a tiring
morning, the clerks were ___________________(anxiety) to get off to lunch. Even
the judge seemed ____________________(relief) when the last case came up before
the court. A short middle aged man with grey hair and small blue eyes was now
standing before him. The man ____________________(has) a foolish expression on
his faced and he _____________________(keep) looking stupidly as if he was
trying hard to understand what __________________(go) on. The man
__________________(accuse) of breaking into the house and stealing a cheap watch.
B. Fill in
blanks with appropriate words.
1) The beggar is blind ____________________one eye
2) I have not met my sister __________________long
3) He used the gun to shoot ________________________.
4) I have dispensed ______________the services of my
5) Our college is affiliated ______________ your
6) Nobody has prohibited him ________________leaving
the country.
7) The principal was accused of being partial
____________some teachers.
8) You must not jeer _________________others.
C. Combine the
following without using ‘and’ but’ as ‘so’
1) The president failed to explain the cause of the
crisis. He did not offer any solutions.
2) He was my teacher. I shall never forget him.
3) Sabina used a dandruff shampoo. She still had
4) I ate too quickly. My stomach became upset.
D. Transform the
following sentences as directed.
1) I cannot understand very easily what he says. (Begin
– He is )
2) It is not necessary for you to work until 6 pm
(Begin – You…)
3) It would be a good idea to buy a dictionary. (you’d
4) Whose fault was it? (Begin – who…)
5) London is bigger than oxford (Begin – Oxford is …)
6) “Sebastian is the one who stole the video recorder”
, said the man. (The man accused…)
7) As soon as she arrived home the telephone rang. (No

8) The train is full of people (There ….) 

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