and limitation are the two correlated ideas which have an affinity with each
other. The word limitation varies depending on time, situation, society,
economy, philosophy and psychology .However we always relate the idea with a
kind of rule and regulation that is set up by society, constitution, customs or
person often criticizes others for having failed to be within his or her
limitation. We relate the idea a lot with moralistic sense. Performing perfect
manners depending on the situation is very common .When a student converses
with his or her teacher he or she performs a kind of limitation. But when he or
she converses with his or her friends he or she becomes a bit different in his
or her limitation. A lawyer behaves hostile with criminals in the accused box. But
he is humble to the judge with a lot of praising words. When we talk with an
auto driver we never behave in a polite way. We rather think them to be knaves
and be skeptical about the billings. Whereas when we talk with a pilot of an airplane
we show high respect and rarely think how much do we damage in airplanes.
 We do care a lot the people who hold a high
position, money and be careful to limit our thoughts and works. We do act as
per the situation .I must say that we do not limit the situation, situation
limits our act. When we get to see a thief caught we do unleash the animal
within ourselves and exercise our power on the thief with a lot of unsocial words.
We forget to limit our limitation. We dare not speak a single sentence when
leaders do steal million times more what the thief had. Surprisingly we limit ourselves
.We are the best judgement maker of ourselves .When we see a person of a
stronger than us in physique, we do try to limit our talks and behaviours. And
when we see a person weaker in built, we start exposing hostile threatening
We do
often forget to evaluate our physical limitations. We never go mad that 85% of
our brain does not work. We never think the limitation of our sensory organs
which are inferior to many minor animals. We never try to transcend our life duration.
We never try to comprehend that we are limited every way by the limitless

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