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My thoughts – Claques

My thoughts

2. Claques

One day
on all fours, I came across the term claques while I was reading an article on 
theater and audience. To me it was the discovery of a fold of human psychology
.Overwhelming me the term removed the fog of my ignorance. I tried to jot down
the qualities? (!!!) of claques; tried to classify them and tried to find
affinity with the flatterers .

I considered myself to be a Pundit and advised people to follow various things
in life for success in true sense. In the later course I came across some influential
books which shattered me to the base of my learning and taught me some unique
ways which will enable me to differentiate and as well as create an atmosphere
free from enemies and enmity .

But at
this juncture I find myself pole asunder to what considered a thought of standard.
Though funny and interesting the claques are they should be shun by us .I would
rather hate those who will patronize the beliefs of claques and try to bring the
characteristics into them. But unfortunately we, the societal creatures are
unknowingly behaving like the claques.

are the dark side of humanity .Beware friends, they are to misguide you. They
are to be found with you when you prosper and come into the limelight. They
will not get tired of praising you and your works. Be microscopic towards the
people around you for they may be dangerous claques. You will hardly find the
backbone of personality in them and they are often YES BOSS.

The best
livings being I can compare the claques with are the leeches. When the leeches
are on you, though they suck up your blood but they make you fell nothing
painful. And when they leave, you find them in their real attire. Friends, look
around you, and you are going to find numerous leeches i.e. claques.

them; scan them; despise them and be happy.

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