OUTPACE Uncategorized Extra Questions And Answers of Hearts and Hands || ICSE CLASS 9-10 ENGLISH LITERATURE ||

Extra Questions And Answers of Hearts and Hands || ICSE CLASS 9-10 ENGLISH LITERATURE ||

Extra Questions


1. Who were the two men on the train? How were they travelling?


There were two men at the train, one with a bold attitude, frank and handsome,
and the other one was a ruffled, glumed faced person. They two were Mr. Easton
the criminal and the Marshal.

two men travelling in the train were handcuffed to each other. The right hand of
Mr. Easton was handcuffed with the left hand of the Marshal which was quite


2. Where did the three meet?


~ The
three Miss Fairlady, Mr. Easton, and the Marshal met in the coach of the
eastbound train, B & M Express. The coach was overcrowded, there was no
place to sit, the only vacant seat left was offered to the young lady.


3. What is said about the young lady? How was she connected to Mr.


~ The
young lady was very pretty dressed in elegant taste and had a lovely smile,
tender pink tingeing around her cheeks. She had a sweet and deliberate voice.

relation of miss fair child with Mr Easton was that they were old good friends.
They had met after a long time and started talking and learning about each


4. What does the young lady feel about Mr.Easton?


~ Miss
Fairchild and Mr. Easton were old friends. She was glad to meet him after long,
a beautiful smile appeared on her face when she saw him and her cheeks turned
pink.  She was attracted to Mr.Easton seeing
him as marshall, she liked him. She smiled and began to converse with him and
learn about each other.


5. Why did the young lady get frightened?


~ The
young woman noticed that Mr. Easton, her old friend, was handcuffed to the man
seated beside him. As Mr. Easton greeted her, he raised his right hand bound at
the wrist by the shining bracelet to the left one of his companion. She was
glad to meet him but when she saw this, the glad look in her eyes changed to
horror, she got frightened and felt uneasy.


6. Give a character sketch of the young woman.


~ Miss
Fairchild was an attractive woman with a sweet smile. She was a rich, stylish
woman. Her behaviour and impression were guided by the social image that blinded
her from seeing the reality. She was a flirtatious woman, the moment she saw
Mr. Easton, there a glow in her face and eyes. She had a fair face and name but
her a fair heart.


7. What did Marshal do to avoid embarrassment?


~ When
the young lady sees the two men handcuffed she caught horror, Mr Easton was
embarrassed as his right hands were handcuffed. To remove the embarrassment,
the Marshal tells Miss Fairchild that Mr. Easton is a marshal and they headed
for Leavenworth. Easton was the real criminal but to save his dignity Marshal
helps him and pretends to be the criminal in front of the lady.


8. Why did she think the Marshal to be the prisoner?


Miss. Fairchild called his old friend, Mr. Easton a marshal because he was
wearing handcuffs and the other person who was the Marshal in real pretended to
be a criminal. Whereas in reality, Mr.Easton was actually the criminal he acts
and talks about the job of a Marshal the officer.


9. Why did Mr.Easton ask to excuse his hand?


~ Mr.
Easton asked miss Fairchild for the other hand because his hand was handcuffed
so he was not able to shake his hand with her. He felt embarrassed as his right
hand was handcuffed with the marshal and so he clasped her fingers with his
left hand.


10. Why won’t Easton be staying in Washington anymore?


~ Mr.
Easton was handcuffed by the marshal as he was found counterfeiting. Marshal
was carrying him to Leavenworth so he won’t be able to return to Washington
anymore. Whereas  Easton tells his friend
that he had shifted to the west and had lost touch with his rich friends in
Washington due to the crisis of money.


11. Where was the Marshal taking Mr. Easton and why?


~ Mr.
Easton was handcuffed to the marshal because he was being taken to the
Leavenworth prison by the train.

Easton was also corrupted, he could do anything for money. He was caught
counterfeiting and so he was prisoned.


12. What was Easton doing in the past?


According to Miss Fairchild, her old friend Mr. Easton was busy making money But
as he needed more to fit in the high society of Washington, he joined the job
of a Marshal and worked risking and shooting in dangerous situations


13. Explain “money has a way of taking wings into itself”.


~ The
preferred line means that money flies away within a fraction of second, it
doesn’t take much time. According to Mr. Easton, living in Washington was very
expensive and difficult if there was no money. Money was required for dignity
among the high people of Washington.


14. What does Miss Fairlady mean by saying “you ride and shoot
and go into all kinds of dangers”.


~ Miss
Fairchild the old friend of Mr.Easton calls him to be a dashing hero, as she
knew that he was the Marshal and was taking a prisoner with him. According to
her, he had to face many dangerous situations, he had to ride and shoot in many
dangerous places.


15. How did the two take leave from Miss Fairlady?


~ The
marshal, the glum-faced man acted to be the criminal and interrupted the
conversation between Easton and the young lady and requested Easton that he
should be taken to the smoker room as he was in need of a drink and a smoke. He
did that to prevent Mr. Easton from revealing that he is a convict.


16. What had the two passenger’s noticed?


~ The
two passengers noticed that the handcuffs were on the wrong hand for Mr. Easton
to be the marshal. They overheard the conversation recognize that a marshal
would never handcuff himself to a man to his right hand. The One who was
supposed to be the Marshal according to what they heard was handcuffed in the
right hand whereas the prisoner in the left hand.


17. How did the two passengers reveal a twist at the end of the


~ The two passenger’s overheard the conversation
between the young lady and Mr. Easton and recognized that a marshal would never
handcuff himself to a man to his right hand. They also said that the man was
young enough for the position of the Marshal. They concluded that it was
actually the glum-faced man who was the marshall, and Mr. Easton who was going
to prison for seven years for counterfeiting money.


18. Give a character sketch of the Marshal.


~ The the unnamed man was a rough, sad-looking and heavily built man as described. He had
handcuffed himself with Mr Easton. He was a keen observer and a good judge of
human behaviour. He kept observing the young lady’s expression. He was strict in
his job but was also understanding and soft-hearted, he helped Mr. Easton to
maintain hid dignity by declaring himself to be the criminal.


19. Explain the theme: appearance and reality.


~ The two men’s physical appearance is described
in such a way that it mislead both the lady and the others. Mr Easton is
described as a handsome and a bold man whereas the Marshal is described as a
ruffled, heavily built man. Thus when Mashal lies to the young woman, she
believed him. She judged them and accepted his words seeing their physical
appearance, she didn’t notice that it was her friend whose right hand was


20. Explain the significance of the ‘Heart’ and the ‘Hand’.


~ The
‘Hand’ symbolizes that the two young men Mr. Easton and the marshal were handcuffed
with each other showing a relation of a prisoner and an officer. Whereas the
‘Heart’ symbolizes that although being an officer the marshal had pity and was
soft-hearted. He was forced to do his job but also helped the young man to save
his dignity by lying, the young woman.

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