A. Fill in the
blanks with appropriate words.
His death
__________________(bring) more tributes than have been paid as the
_____________(pass) of any other human being in the history. Perhaps what could
__________________(please) him best ________________(be) the spontaneous
tributes that ________________(come ) from the people. On the morrow of the
tragedy, all of us ________________ (forget) for a while the bitterness that
________________(has )crept in, the estrangement and conflict of these past
months and Gandhi ji _____________ (stand) out as the beloved champion and
leaders of the people of India.
B. Fill in the
blanks with appropriate words.
1) He abstains _________________liquor.
2) I am not satisfied ____________________your
3) We should all aim _______________________excellence.
4) I prefer tea ___________________coffee.
5) He is prompt ___________________ carrying out
6) He is proficient __________________Mathematics.
7) Alcohol is injurious __________________health.
8) I insisted ______________going.
C. Join the
following pair of sentences without using ‘and’, ‘but’ or ‘so’.
a) I mended my watch this morning. It has stopped.
b) He finished the work. Just then clock struck five.
c) We have been deceived. That is the truth.
d) A certain number of enemies escaped. We do not know
this number.
D. Re-write the
following sentences as directed.

a) “Call the first witness”, said the judge (Begin –
the judge ordered ………….)
b) You will but I reap the fruits of your sowing.
(Begin – As ……………)
c) I was unable to say what you were saying (Change
into simple sentence)
d) Tell me where you live (- Remove where)
e) It was much regretted that he was absent (Turn
‘absent’ into absence’ )
f) His silence proves his guilt. (
Rewrite using ‘that’)
g) I am not a little tired. (use very)
h) My watch has been stolen. (Turn into active voice)

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