SUMMARY OF THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3

You are going to go through SUMMARY OF THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3. Understanding a story meticulously in its entirety is very important for a learner for scoring better in the exam. Experts made every effort to ensure a thorough and proper summary of the story. Let us find SUMMARY OF THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3


The story describes an energetic married couple, James, known as Jim, and Della Dillingham. The couple has close to no trade and experiences a modest space.

Between them, they have only two assets that they consider their fortunes. Jim’s gold pocket watch that had a spot with his father and his granddad. And other was Della’s brilliant, long hair that falls almost to her knees.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Della winds up spending all accessible opportunity to buy Jim a Christmas present. In the wake of dealing with the total of the tabs, all Della has left is $1.87. And with this only amount he had to put toward Jim’s Christmas present.

Tense to find him the ideal gift, out she goes into the nippy December day. She looked into shop windows for something she can bear.

She needs to buy Jim a chain for his pocket watch, notwithstanding, they’re all out of her worth reach. Flooding home, Della pulls down her awesome hair and stands before the mirror, valuing it and thinking.

After a sudden inspiration, she floods out again and has her hairdo to sell. Della gets $20.00 for selling her hair. And it was scarcely to buy the platinum chain she found in a shop window for $21.00.

Exactly when Jim gets back after working all day, he looks at Della. And then he endeavoured to figure out what’s different about her. She surrenders that she offered her hair to buy his present.

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Before she can offer it to him, in any case, Jim casually pulls a group out of his coat pocket and hands it to her. Inside, Della finds several over the top breathing life into hairbrushes that she’d since quite a while past regarded. Yet it was presently absolutely pointless since she’s eliminated her hair.

Covering her ears, she jumps up and holds out her present for Jim: the watch chain. Jim shrugs droop down onto the old lounge chair, puts his hands behind his head. After that, he uncovers to Della straight that he offered his watch to get her brushes.

The story closes with a sweet relationship between Jim and Della. It presented the Magi, or three wise men accommodated Baby Jesus in the box in the scriptural story of Christmas.

The narrator reasons that Jim and Della are far savvier than the Magi. It was because their gifts are favours of love.And the people who give out of worship and benevolence are insightful. It is so because they know the assessment of self-giving fondness.

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