OUTPACE POEM ANALYSIS EXTRA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF The Elixir Of Life by – C.V Raman Karnataka Board class 10 English ch-2

EXTRA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF The Elixir Of Life by – C.V Raman Karnataka Board class 10 English ch-2

You are going to go through extra QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF The Elixir Of Life by – C.V Raman Karnataka Board class 10 English ch-2. Understanding a poem meticulously in its entirety is very important for a learner for scoring better in the exam. Experts made ample to ensure a thorough critical and line by line analysis. Let us find EXTRA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF The Elixir Of Life by – C.V Raman Karnataka Board class 10 English ch-2

Extra Questions:-

1. What is the real elixir of life?

= Plain water is the true elixir of life.

2. What is the imaginary elixir of life?

= The Devine amrita is the imaginary elixir of life.

3. Which separation the author mentions in para 2? What brought this separation?

= The separation between the Nile valley and the Libyan desert.

The water of the Nile river was flowing down to the Mediterranean sea was very far away.

4. Discuss the wonderful separation of the Libyan desert and the Nile valley.

= On one side in the Libyan Desert, there was visible a sea with sand.

On one side there was no greenery but on the other side, it was full of greenery in the Nile Valley.

5. What does C.V. Raman say about rain-fed tanks?

= The rain-fed tanks that are common in South India-alas. Those are often neglected in their maintenance. They are a cheering sight when they are full. Theose are, of course, shallow. The tanks are less evident since the water is silt-laden and throws the light back, and the bottom. These tanks play a vital role in South Indian agriculture. Some of these tanks are large and looks beautiful when the sunrise or set over one of them.

6. What does the Geologist say about the Nile Valley?

= Geologists tell us that the entire soil of the Nile valley is the creation of the river itself.

7. What does CV Raman mean by “cheering sight”?

= Rain-fed tanks in south India give a cheering sight when they are full.

8. How does the water in downpour took care of tanks get its colour?

= The water can convey residue or finely-separated soil in suspension. This is the process of the shade of water in the downpour that took care of tanks.

9.What is the main cause of soil erosion?

= The big floods and rainfalls which occurred by the storms caused soil breakdown.

10. What different variables add to the disintegration of valuable soil?

= The landslip, running of water through small holes, etc also cause soil decay.

11. In what capacity can soil disintegration gets prevented?

= Windbreak, terracing, crop rotation and the plantation of vegetation, etc.

12. How does the anticipation of soil disintegration fill a twofold need?

=The benefit of soil breakdown is it helps in setting the water at its place.

13. What is a civilized forest? Mention one advantage.

=The developed forests were due to the proper planting of seed as prevented to the jungles.

One advantage of the civilized forest is:

It checks soil erosion and conserves water.

14.How will the improvement of hydro-electric power help to overcome the inadequacy of water supply?

= The hydroelectric power helps to keep the underground water for future use. When there is much need for water.

15. What is the cheapest form of transport in the country?

= The cheapest form of transport is by boat and barges through the canal and river.

16. How are Indian agriculture dependent on the seasonal rainfall?

= Every animal and every plant contains water in its body. No physiological activity is possible in which the water does not play an essential part. Water is necessary for animals. Same as the moisture is important for the life and growth of plants and trees in the soil. The preservation of water is thus fundamental for human welfare.

17. Water is the true elixir of life. Give a brief study.

= Water is the true elixir of life. It’s the idea of life on Earth. Each animal and plant contains water. It’s necessary at all times. Our agriculture depends on water. Sooner or later he was standing on the road which separates the desert from the greenery of the Nile in Egypt.

One facet was having an ocean of sand while not a speck of inexperienced or one object. On the opposite facet was one of the best, most fertile, and dense inhabited areas in the world. It got filled with life and vegetation. Water has modified the scene.

One of the important facts about water is its power to hold silt in suspension. The flow of water plays an excellent role in the geographical method. It will play a harmful role and wash away the soil. nice tracts of land got full of silt deposited by water. the matter of wearing due to water.

Vast areas of land might have become fertile or unfruitful. this can be the power and beauty of water. 

18. Is the title of the story ” The true Elixir of life” appropriate?

= The title of the literary composition is apt.

Elixir is additionally called Amrit. it’s the vital force. In common language, water is the Amrit or elixir. Water is the basis of all life on this planet. Earth, because of a blue planet thanks to the presence of water on its surface. Water is the point of the entire story.

C.V.Raman says that water is a necessity to plant and human life. It conjoint and causes evils like soil-erosion. He conjoins and tells excess water got preserved for permanent functions.

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