OUTPACE POEM ANALYSIS Analysis of OF The Gift of the Magi by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3

Analysis of OF The Gift of the Magi by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3

 You are going to go through Analysis of OF The Gift of the Magi by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3. Understanding a story meticulously in its entirety is very important for a learner for scoring better in the exam. Efforts have been made to ensure a thorough and proper analysis. Let us find Analysis of OF The Gift of the Magi by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3

Analysis of OF The Gift of the Magi by – O. Henry Karnataka Board Chap-3

About O. Henry

William Sydney Doorman, also called O. Henry, was an American short story creator. He saw the first light of the world on September 11, 1862, in Greensboro, North Carolina, CSA.

He was destined to Algernon Sidney Watchman and Mary Jane Virginia Swaim Doorman.

At the point when William was three, his mom passed on after bringing forth her third youngster, and he and his dad moved into the home of his fatherly grandma.

As a child, he was ceaselessly scrutinizing, everything from works of art to dime books; his #1 works were Path’s interpretation of 1,000 and One Evenings and Burton’s Life systems of Despairing.

He moved on from his auntie Evelina Maria Watchman’s grade school in 1876. He at that point selected at the Lindsey Road Secondary School.

His auntie kept on mentoring him until he was 15. In 1879, he began working in his uncle’s drugstore in Greensboro, and on August 30, 1881, at 19 years old, Doorman got a specialisation as a drug specialist . At the drugstore, he likewise indicated his common masterful gifts by drawing the townsfolk.

Henry’s most famous works are:-

  • “The Ransom of red chief”
  • “The cop and the anthem”
  • “A retrieved reformation”
  • “The duplicity of Hargraves”, etc.

O Henry died on June 5 in New York City, US.

About The Gift of the Magi

Title of The Gift of the Magi

The title is quite apt.

It is perfect and apt to address Della and Jim as Magi. They both sacrificed their most precious thing to please each other, to collect money for the gifts For them the happiness of the loved ones mattered the most.

Although in the end the gifts were turned out to be useless they possessed emotions and love.

Della saved her one dollar and 87 pennies by destroying the food merchant and the vegetable man and the butcher until one’s cheeks ignited with the quiet ascription of stinginess that such close managing inferred.

The money was not enough to buy a platinum chain so she decided to sacrifice her long, brown hair. Although she knew that Jim would be shocked, she was confused still for her Jim’s happiness mattered more. Della knew that her hair will grow back.

On the other side, Jim had brought a set of side black combs which Della wanted for a very long time. He sold his grandfather’s watch which was very precious for him. He sold them for his love’s happiness. The comb was expensive and beautiful.

Both were emotional at the end. The bond they share was very pure and rare. Being in so fundamental problems they were not poor.

The Theme of The Gift of the Magi

The theme of the story “The gift of the magi” is Sacrificial love.

In the excellent short story by O. Henry, sacrificial love is the principal subject, and the creator creates it unbelievably. To begin with, he presents the couple Jim and Della Youthful.

He clarifies that they are exceptionally poor and that they need to scratch for each penny. Their sofa is ratty, their goods are scanty, Jim’s compensation is little, and they live in a modest loft.

In any case, the creator additionally clarifies that Jim and Della love each other. Notwithstanding their destitution, they are upbeat, since they have one another.

Della is grief-stricken that she can’t accepting Jim a Christmas present that appropriately communicates her adoration, and later, we discover that Jim feels a similar way.

O. Henry at that point tells perusers that Jim and Della each have one belonging that they esteem over all others. For Jim, it is a gold watch, a family legacy that had recently been his dad’s and grandfathers. For Della, it is her long, sparkly, rich hair.

Characters of The Gift of the Magi

The main characters of the story “The gift of the magi” are:-


We know the Magi as savvy men who carried endowments to the infant Jesus. As per the Book of scriptures, the Magi were three lords (Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar) who went to Bethlehem from someplace in the East (presumably Persia).

Here in the story, Similarly, Jim and Della are fit to be said a Magi as the two of them penance their most valuable thing for one another, to fulfill them.

The essayist portrays them as the smartest of each one of the individuals who give and get endowments as they surrendered the lone valued belongings they had.

The storyteller reasons that Jim and Della are far more shrewd than the Magi because their endowments are blessings of adoration, and the individuals who give out of affection and benevolence are savvy since they know the estimation of self-giving adoration.


Della is one of the fundamental characters of the story. In the story portrayal of the character of Della is of a sweet, youthful, adoring spouse. Della truly cherished and care for his better half, Jim. She is lovely and her hair is a valued belonging.

The story rotates around her dilemma of getting a commendable Christmas present for him.

Della saved her one dollar and 87 pennies by destroying the merchant and the vegetable man and the butcher until one’s cheeks ignited with the quiet ascription of miserliness that such close managing suggested.

The cash was insufficient to purchase a platinum anchor so she chose to forfeit her long, earthy coloured hair.

Even though she realized that Jim would be stunned, she was mistaken still for her Jim’s joy made a difference more. Della realized that her hair will develop back.

She does all that she can to satisfy him. Della forfeits a definitive penance to satisfy her significant other. She is an ideal inert spouse.


In the story, Jim is another main character in the story. Jim is persevering and committed to his family. And he doesn’t get as much portrayal in the content as Della does, yet the little we see of him tells a ton.

Jim is insightful and minding since he offers his prized watch to get Della an exquisite arrangement of brushes. He is additionally portrayed as “slender and intense,” which could be deciphered because of his distressing cash circumstance.

Yet, Jim’s fundamental trademark is that he is cherishing. He never grumbles, however, he needs new garments and is scarcely making a decent living, and he forfeits his valued belonging to purchase Della a blessing.

He generally “significantly embraced” his better half when he returned home. Toward the end, Della’s adjustment n appearance does not disturb him and he doesn’t feel pester that he has no watch to put on the chain Della purchased for him.

He tranquilly sits on the love seat and asks Della to eat, which probably comforts her.

Moral of The Gift of the Magi

The moral of the story “The gift of the Magi” is that we regularly don’t value the things that we really should. Jim loves Della, her hair notwithstanding, and he needn’t bother with an extravagant watch tie for Christmas to satisfy him – he as of now has a spouse he reveres.

Della, as far as concerns her, loves Jim and needn’t bother with hairbrushes to fulfill her. At the end of the day, they as of now have what genuinely fulfills them, one another.

The penances they make for one another, as Della sells her hair and Jim sells his watch, show the amount they love one another and show the penances they are eager to make for one another.

This affection and ability to forfeit what implies the most to them for the other individual are their actual presents, not material products.

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