OUTPACE POEM ANALYSIS TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF Lochinvar- Sir Walter Scott Class 10 English Poem Chapter 4 Karnataka Board

TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF Lochinvar- Sir Walter Scott Class 10 English Poem Chapter 4 Karnataka Board

You are going to go through TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF Lochinvar- Sir Walter Scott Class 10 English Poem Chapter 4 Karnataka Board. Understanding a poem meticulously in its entirety is very important for a learner for scoring better in the exam. Efforts have been made to ensure a thorough and proper TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF Lochinvar- Sir Walter Scott Class 10 English Poem Chapter 4 Karnataka Board

TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF Lochinvar- Sir Walter Scott Class 10 English Poem Chapter 4 Karnataka Board



Answer briefly the following questions.

1. Who was Lochinvar? Why did he ride to Netherby Hall?

=Lochinvar was a courageous youthful knight who was in love with Ellen.

Ellen was getting married to someone else at Netherby Lobby. Lochinvar went to the hall to guarantee her as his own.

2.What qualities of Lochinvar are highlighted in the first stanza?

=Lochinvar was certain as can be perceived by the way that he came alone and with no weapons other than his broadsword. He was dedicated in adoration and so he went, even ultimately, to guarantee his beloved.

3.Lochinvar rode the horse passionately to meet Ellen. What actions in lines 7 and 8 reveal his hurried movements?

=The lines, “He stayed not for brake, and he stopped not for stone. He swam the Esk river where ford there was none” reveals his hurried movements.

4. What qualities of the bridegroom are listed in stanza 2?

=The bridegroom was a ‘laggard in love’, so timid that he couldn’t even express his love to Ellen, and was a ‘bastard in war’, i.e., cowardly and hardly any competition to brave Lochinvar.

5. What evidence is there in stanza 3 to show that the bridegroom was a coward?

=The bride was a coward person. Just because he couldn’t say a single word to Lochinvar, his father spoke to Lochinvar with his hand on his sword.

6. How did the bride’s father receive Lochinvar? And what did he ask him?

=The bride’s father, with his hand on his sword wanted to know whether Lochinvar had come in peace or war to the hall, or to dance at the bridal.

7. What answer did Lochinvar give the bride’s father?

=Lochinvar answered that he had charmed Ellen for quite a while, and when he had approached Ellen’s dad for authorization to wed her, he had been denied consent. All things considered, for his old love for her; Lochinvar had come to move the last hit the dance floor with her and drink only one cup of wine with her.

8. What quality of love is highlighted by Lochinvar when he says,

a.“Love swells like the Solway, but ebbs like its tide?”

=Lochinvar wants to say that he had once adored Ellen, however, after being denied consent to wed her, had quit cherishing her.

b. Does this truly reflect Lochinvar’s love for Ellen?

=No, this does not truly reflect Lochinvar’s love for Ellen.

c. If not, why does Lochinvar tell him what is not true?

=The bride’s father is encircled by his brother’s, family, and numerous others. Thus Lochinvar doesn’t have any desire to uncover his adoration and his expectation of the double. He comprehends he will. be assaulted and murdered. He needs to pick up time till he has the young lady’ close to himself and can give her his sign to getaway.

9. What other lies does Lochinvar tell Ellen’s father?

=Lochinvar tells that his lone reason for coming there was to drink one cup of wine, and dance one hit the dance floor with her, for their old love together. He additionally says that there are numerous other, ladies in Scotland who are lovelier than Ellen and would happily be his better half.

10. How did Ellen express her love for Lochinvar?

=Ellen kissed the cup of wine which Lochinvar took up. After he had tanked the wine and tossed down the cup, she peered down to become flushed and admired sight happily all the rage, and a tear in her eye.

11. What was the impression of the bride-maidens about the

pair- Lochinvar, and Ellen?

=Seeing Lochinvar and Ellen dance together nimbly, the lady ladies murmured that it would have been gigantically better if their reasonable cousin had-been coordinated with youthful Lochinvar.

12. What mixed feelings are brought out in stanza 5?

=Ellen is glad to see Lochinvar and is happy that he hasn’t failed to remember her,’ but at the same time is pitiful that she needs to numerous someone else.

13. What clues of his plan does Lochinvar give Ellen?

=As they moved and drew close to the entryway, Lochinvar contacted Ellen’s hand and murmured a single word in her ear, flagging her to be prepared to getaway.

14. a. What brings a smile to Ellen’s face?

=Seeing Lochinvar about whom she had given up all hopes, brings a smile to Ellen’s face.

b. Why does she shed a tear?

=She regrets having to marry someone else.

15. Pick out all the adjectives that describe Lochinvar.

=The adjectives that describe Lochinvar are:

  • young
  • unmarried
  •  faithful in love
  • daring in love
  •  dauntless in war
  • stately form
  •  brave
  • gallant

 Close Study

Read the following extracts carefully. Discuss in pairs and then answer the questions given below them.

1. Love swells like the Solway but ebbs like its tide.

a. What is Solway?

=Solway is a river that separates England from Scotland.

b. Who does Lochinvar speak this line too?

=Lochinvar speaks these lines to Ellen’s father.

c. What is the figure of speech used here.


d. Explain the figure of speech.

=Lochinvar’s love for Ellen had been great like the swelling waters of the river Solway, but after getting to “know about her marriage to another person, it had completely died out.

2. Then spoke the bride’s father, his hand on his sword (For the poor craven bridegroom, said never a word).

a. What did the bride’s father speak?

=The lady’s dad had denied consent to Lochinvar to wed Ellen. Consequently, when he saw him at the marriage corridor, he requested to know why he had come. Also, the spouse was a bashful man who didn’t try to address Lochinvar.

b. Why did he keep his hand on his sword?

=He keeps his hand on his sword with the thought that if Lochinvar had said that he had come to take away the bride, the bride’s father wanted to kill him.

c. Why didn’t the bridegroom say even a word?

=He was a coward, he was too afraid to speak to Lochinvar.


Discuss in pairs/groups of four each the answers to the following questions. Note down the important points for each question and then develop the points into one-paragraph answers.

1. Pick out all the details from the poem which help Lochinvar to hide his real intentions.

=Lochinvar was faced by Ellen’s dad. He asked him regarding what had carried him to Netherby Lobby. Lochinvar answered that the facts previously demonstrated that he had charmed his little girl for long. However, his proposition of marriage had been turned somewhere near him.

He revealed to him that his affection which had swollen like the waters of the Solway had now subsided, that he was not, at this point in adoration with Ellen.

His expectation in visiting the Netherby Corridor was uniquely to move at her wedding and drink a cup of wine to toast to her bliss. He consoled the dad that there were ladies more wonderful than Ellen in Scotland who might readily be his significant other.

2.How did Lochinvar finally win Ellen for himself?

=Lochinvar told Ellen’s dad to understand that he had gone to the wedding in harmony. Before he could be halted he took Ellen by her hand and started to move. He blamed this to peruse her near the entryway where his warhorse was pausing.

Once at the entryway, he murmured something into her ear and afterwards took off with Ellen at such speed that the allies of the Netherby group couldn’t find them. Lochinvar at last figured out how to win Ellen as his lady of the hour.

3. “Only the brave deserve the fair.” Justify the statement with reference to the poem.

=The fearful bridegroom didn’t merit Ellen any lady of the hour as his friend. The sonnet delineates the point briefly. Lochinvar having been infatuated with Ellen wished to numerous her. In any case, her dad didn’t endorse his proposal of marriage.

A weakling was picked to be her man of the hour. Be that as it may, being daring Lochinvar brought the issue into his hands. Then he went to Ellen’s wedding like any serene visitor.

And he deceived the dad to accept that he. had come to wish Ellen well. He decided to move however one hit the dance floor with her. Being both bold and cunning he drove her towards the entryway and took off on his pony holding up there.

The Netherby family was always unable to discover the couple. Consequently, daring are remunerated for their mental fortitude and the weaklings lose what they have.

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