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Sample questions on The Merchant of Venice ICSE-CLASS-X-ENGLISH

Full marks – 30
A. Read the following extracts and
answer the questions
1. “If I can catch him once upon the
hip I will feed fat, the ancient grudge I bear him.”
a) Who is the speaker? What ancient
grudge does he bear against the person he is talking about?      1+2=(3)
b) What is the context of the above
quoted lines?         (3)
c) Acquaint us with the conspiracy hatched
by the speaker.      (3)
2. “When Jacob grazed his uncle Laban’s
sheep – This Jacob from our holy Abraham was (as his wise mother wrought in his
behalf) The third possessor any he was the third.”
a) Acquaint us with the allusion of Jacob
b) What does shylock wants to convey
through the allusion of Jacob?       (3)
c) What was Antonio’s opinion about
Jacob’s allusion?       (3)
3. “why, look you how you storm!”
a) Bring out the context of the lines.
b) What are the distinct differences
between Antonio and shylock?          (3)
c) What negative aspects of Antonio
did shylock present before hand?    (3)

d) What offer does shylock gives after
the quoted line?             (2)

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