OUTPACE Uncategorized Extra Questions and Answers of A Retrieved Reformation (Jimmy Valentine) || ICSE CLASS 8 || ENGLISH LITERATURE ||

Extra Questions and Answers of A Retrieved Reformation (Jimmy Valentine) || ICSE CLASS 8 || ENGLISH LITERATURE ||

Extra Questions
1. Who was Jimmy Valentine? Whom did he meet in the cafe?
Jimmy Valentine was a skilled young safecracker who returned to society
after he got released from the bank.
Valentine meets up with his partner-in-crime, friend and confederate, Mike
2. What was the profession of Jimmy Valentine? How does his box
defines him?
Jimmy Valentine was a burglar by profession. He used to rob banks by cracking
the safe or the vault using his burglar tools or the safe-cracking tools.
a burglar, he always used to carry a suitcase in his business. He used to keep
all his burglar tools or safe cracking tools in his suitcase.
3.How after the release of Jimmy from prison created a need for Ben
Price to search again?
~ A a week after Jimmy Valentine got released from the prison, a string of bank safe
burglaries in the MidWest came to Ben Price’s attention. Ben Price was a
detective, who arrested Jimmy for his last robbery. Ben was doubting Jimmy for
this robbery too as he was quite confident that Jimmy would surely join back
his business of robbery. So he was hiding and keeping his eyes on Jimmy’s
4. Why did Jimmy go to Elmore city? Did everything go as per his
After getting released from the prison, Jimmy carries all his burglar tools in
a suitcase and goes to Elmore city with a plan to rob the bank.
Jimmy did not rob the bank. Walking towards the hotel, Jimmy encounters a
beautiful young woman and falls in love with her. In an instance, there was a
complete reformation of Jimmy. He changes himself and his mind too, he leaves
his business of robbery for his love

5. How did Jimmy with the help of the boy gathers information about
Annabel Adam?
There was a boy sitting outside the bank, Jimmy called him and asked him about
the town. While talking to him, the young woman with whom he fell in love came
out of the bank and went on her way. With a hope to get a few pieces of information, he
willingly asked the boy if she was Polly. Clearing his doubts, the boy
unknowingly helps Jimmy to gather informations about her. Jimmy learns from the
boy that she’s Annabel Adams, whose father owns the bank.
6. How was Jimmy a man of attraction to all in Elmore?
Jimmy was a man of attraction to all in Elmore by his dressing sense, his
clothes, manners and his successful business. Jimmy learns that Elmore does not
have a shoe store and that business was good in the town. He changes himself,
leaves his last business of robbing banks for his love and opens a profitable
shoe store and becomes a social success.
7. Why did he declare at the desk about his plan for the business? How
did the clerk respond to that?
Jimmy registered himself in the hotel as “Ralph D Spencer”, leaning
on the desk of the clerk he declared that he was in search of a location to
start his new business. He also asked whether the shoe business was good in
The clerk was quite impressed by his clothes and manners. The clerk positively
replied to Jimmy. Jimmy learns from the clerk that Elmore does not have a shoe
store and that business was good in the town. He was also said that he would
find it a pleasant town to live with the sociable people.
8. How did Jimmy prosper in Elmore as a person, in love, in business
and business in the people of society?
Jimmy came to Elmore with an intension to rob the bank but everything went
opposite. He fell in love with a young woman named Annabel, whose father was
the owner of the bank. There was a complete Reformation of Jimmy. He left
robbery and changed himself to a new man. He started his own business, he
opened a profitable shoe store and became a social success. As his business was
growing, he and Annabel planned to get married. Annabel’s father and sister too
accepted Jimmy as one of the family.
9. What did Jimmy write in the letter to one of his friend and why?
Jimmy wrote a letter to one of his former friends, asking the man to meet him
in little rock. Jimmy planned to give the man his set of safe cracking tools
which he used in his robberies.
wanted to give his suitcase and completely cut the ties with his past as he has
left his business of robbery and changed himself to a new man. He started his
own shoe store in Elmore.
10. Who attended the family party? How did Mr Adams boast about the
new safe of the bank?
~ Mr.
Adam Annabel’s father and owner of the bank, Annabel, Jimmy and Annabel’s
married sister with her two daughters Maga and Agatha attended the family
Adams owner of the bank wanted to show off the new burglar-proof safe he had
installed in the bank. He exclaimed that he was very proud of it and explained
its working to everyone.

11. What was the reaction of Jimmy about the safe? How did may lock
Agatha in the locker?
While Mr Admas was boasting about his new safe installed, Jimmy showed courageous
but little ignorance. As Jimmy had recently changed himself, he was a burglar
by profession in past. He knew all the skills and it was very easy for him to
crack that safe.
niece May and Agatha the two little ones were delighted by the shining metal of
the safe. While playing, May playfully locked Agatha in the bank vault and
threw the bolts.
12. Why was it not possible to open locker as per Mr Adams?
~ Mr
Adam the owner of the bank had installed a new burglar-proof safe in the bank
and was very proud of it. While boasting about its working, he exclaimed that
it was impossible to open the vault as the timer and the combinations had not
been set yet.
13. How were the reaction of Mr.Adams and Annabel Adams when Agatha
was locked inside?
While playing, May trapped Agatha in the safe of the bank by accident which
created a panic situation. Everyone got worried, Mr Adam exclaimed in horror
that it was impossible to open the safe as the timer and combinations were not
yet set. Annabel asked valentine to help, to get her niece out of the vault.
14. How did Jimmy save Agatha from the locked state?
Jimmy knew that he could get Agatha out of the safe, he also knew that by doing
so he will be risking his new life. He chooses to save that little girl by using
his skills and tools. He opened his coat and pulled his sleeves. He was no more
conscious of the present. Jimmy got replaced with Ralph, he kept his suitcase
in the table and using in tools cracked the safe with his magic effect breaking
his burglarious record, he saved Agatha.

15. What did expect to happen after breaking the lock especially in
presence of Ben Price?
Jimmy thought that his new life was at risk. He was cracking the safe for
saving someone’s life but he was also wrecking his upcoming marriage. After
saving the girl he took his coat and walked towards the front door as he knew
that everything positive would come to an end. He thought that Annabel would
deny marrying him after discovering about his robbing skills and Ben Price
would arrest him again.
16. How shocking was Ben Price in his actions and words? Why did he do
so according to you?
~ Ben
Price the detective after witnessing the complete scenario pretended not to
recognize Jimmy and walked away leaving Valentine to marry Annabel and enjoy
his new life.
was following Jimmy as he was doubting that he would again join his business of
robbing but he was happy to see that Jimmy was reformed by his life. He used
his skills to help someone instead of committing a crime.

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