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BIOGRAPHY ON Jagadish Chandra Bose

we talk about science and contribution of Indian Scientists, the foremost name
we utter instinctively, is Jagadish Chandra Bose. Born on 30 November 1858, in
Bikrampur, Bangladesh, Jagadish Chandra Bose was truly a scholar when we come
across a prodigy like him who was a Bengali Polymath, Physicist, biologist, botanist,
archaeologist and writer of science fiction.
 His true worth
is realised when we hear the words of D.S. Dasgupta. He said,
“Bose was modern India’s first Physicist after all,
one of her very first scientists. He was his motherland’s first active participant
in the Galilean – Newtonian tradition. He had confounded the British
disbeliever. He had shown that the Eastern mind was indeed capable of the exact
and exacting thinking demanded by western science. He had broken the mould.”
the failure of the studies in medicine due to health problems, he returned
India and joined Presidency as a professor of Physics in 1885. He then began
his research on refraction, diffraction and polarization. There is a
controversy whether he was the inventor of wireless telegraphy. After his
successful research on physics, he turned to metals and plants. He proved that
metals do have feelings and memory.
Bose is highly acclaimed for his research on plants. With the help of poison he
proved that plants have life and react to heat, cold and other sensitivities.
He recorded his experiments and availed to us through his books. He wrote
‘Response in the living and Non-living” and “The nervous mechanism of plants”.
He was even the inventor of an instrument called “coherer” which he used to
prove reactions to radio waves.

famous ‘Bose Institute’ was established by him before his death in 1937.

great scientist passed away on November 23, 1937. Scientists die but their
contributions always remain relevant to us. J.C. Bose started an era in Indian
Science which must excel in its full colour. Let reverent Bose become a source
of inspiration  beyond in the future

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